Catherine Finch, Tarot, Medium, Reconnective Healing, Perth, WA
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Mediumship Readings: By attuning to the spiritual world, a medium can bring proof our loved ones in spirit have never really left us and are closer to us than we might ever imagine.

A spiritual or mediumship reading can help bring healing after the loss of a loved one. It can also be an enlightening and fascinating experience. I offer both personal Mediumship Readings one on one in Perth, Western Australia, via Skype locally, and also via email and Skype internationally including the USA and New Zealand.

Soul Readings: Involve linking with the spiritual energy of the sitter to help bring the sitter closer to recognising his or her soul's journey. A Soul Reading can help give answers to questions such as "what is my life purpose?" I offer both personal Soul Readings one on one in Perth, Western Australia, via Skype locally, and also by email and via Skype internationally including the USA and New Zealand.

Spiritual Assessments: A Spiritual Assessment can help with recognising areas of strength and weakness in one's spiritual development, helping to clarify where more attention is required as one develops in a spiritual sense. My readings can cover one area solely, or a combination of any of the above. These readings are available one on one in Perth, Western Australia, via Skype locally, and also by email and via Skype internationally including the USA and New Zealand.

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"I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing reading on the weekend. The information that you were able to share with me from my sister who had recently passed was extremely comforting for not only me but to other members of my family. Thank you for sharing your special gift with us."
- Mary, 2018

"I have had a few readings over the years from various Clairvoyants, Psychics and Mediums and none of them are as good as Catherine. To say I was completely blown away is an understatement. I was truly overwhelmed. Catherine’s information was so accurate and detailed. It left me speechless and in awe of her talent. Catherine is an amazing person who has a lot of patience and understanding of difficult situations that can arise - when we have a visit from our loved ones.."
- Michelle

"I’ve been meaning to let you know that the reading you gave on my Grandad at the last demonstration was 100% accurate. I went over the details with my Mum and everything you said was true - the names you gave were of his deceased friends and his mother, my great grandmother and other details were accurate too. I’m so blown away by your amazing gift. Thank you so much - it meant a lot to my Mum too."

"Catherine has such an amazing accurate and illuminating ability in being able to have a strong and clear connection with family members who have passed over. I received many validations and supportive messages and also great insight and guidance from the messages Cathrine was able to translate for me. This was my first Medium Reading and I found the whole process inspiring, uplifting and life confirming in knowing that my belief that our family is still with us guiding, supporting and loving us unconditionally while being over the other side of the veil. I would highly reconmend Catherine to anyone needing clarity and guidance."
- Lee

"I had never had a psychic or tarot reading so wasn’t sure what to expect, but the details Cathy passed on were incredibly accurate and so comforting to me. I was amazed at the level of detail she provided and the very personal messages she could convey. I felt like a renewed person after our session and will treasure the experience."
- Rachel

"I have always been a little skeptical of spiritual readings but interested enough to learn more. Hence I was overwhelmed when Cathy gave an amazing description of my mother (whom she had never met or seen in a photograph) and passed on messages from her.
There is something very comforting in making a connection and feeling ’the presence’ of a loved one. A valuable experience."
- Chris, Mt Lawley, WA

"I recently had a spiritual reading with Catherine Finch and was amazed with the accurate information she brought through about my father in law. She also gave messages from him which I found to be very relevant to my current circumstances. Catherine worked with sensitivity and sincerity and I would happily recommend her to anyone seeking guidance or connection with those in spirit."
- Jennifer