Catherine Finch, Tarot, Medium, Reconnective Healing, Perth, WA
Catherine Finch  Catherine Finch  Catherine Finch 

mediumship readings in Perth Australia, Catherine Finch Having grown up with one grandmother who was a medium and another who read my palms and tea leaves, I developed an early interest in spiritualism and a questioning mind.

I began developing as a medium 16 years ago, after moving to Perth, Western Australia, and attending classes with a wonderful medium, Rose Owen. Since then, I have attended many spiritual classes and workshops, with tutors Rose Owen, Jeanette Della, Irene Camera, Paul Jacobs, Samantha Duly in Perth and Tony Stockwell (famous for "Street Psychic" on television in the UK), Lynn Probert, Simone Key and Lynn Cottrell, both in Perth and Victoria and also at the historical and famous Arthur Findlay Spiritual College in the United Kingdom.

I completed a 12 month Medium Mentorship with Tony Stockwell in 2016: the course consisted of "exploring the following to the highest standard: Mediumship, Psychic, Spiritual Philosophy, Ethics and Spirituality." I am a gold member of the Australian Academy of Spirit and an AAS "recommended medium".

Cathy Finch, Spirit Medium, Western Australia I have also been reading tarot in Perth, Western Australia for many years. The cards are almost magical to me and although I don't believe our future is "set in stone", I believe the cards reflect the energies around us at any particular time and present a background to then weave the story of our lives.

Spiritual Healing and Reconnective Healing are also my passions. I completed my Reconnective Healing and Reconnection certified training in 2014, after 35 years of working in the health industry as a physiotherapist.

I currently do private healings, readings and I run a psychic and spiritual development circle in the hills.

I was also a Medium and Tarot Reader in the Psychic's Room, at the Conscious Living Expo in Perth in 2016 and 2017, and intend to offer my services again in 2018.

  • Certified Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner and Practitioner of The Reconnection
  • Gold Member Australian Academy of Spirit
  • Member of Australian Spiritual Healers Association
  • Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists
  • Certificate in Indian Head Massage
  • Usui Reiki Practitioner Level 1 and 2
  • Diploma in Technology in Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Professional Photography New York Institute of Photography

"I just want to to say thank you for the insightful way you brought through my loved ones, I felt at ease with how you asked me had I ever been to a medium and psychic before, and you took time in telling me what I should expect. But also, how every choice in life comes with my ability to have free will without fear or favour.

You captured the essence of those you brought through, from my father to great aunt and uncle, you were able to tell me about their personalities, and their connection to me, and also memories of what we did together when I was a kid. Amazingly, also, how they died. You were sensitive to who I am and what I wanted and needed to hear from my relatives, thank you.

When I needed a direction you were able to give me insightful options through you psychic ability to my future job, I so desperately needed and wanted to get, which I now have and absolutely love every minute of it, thank you Cathy."

- Sarah